Official Announcement: ZOMBIE PROM Fundraiser

That’s right, we’re throwing a prom. During Multiverse’s GeekOut 2012, we’ll be enjoying tons of fun geek stuff including events and panels. More importantly, we’ll be closing out the weekend with a Zombie Prom at the One-Stop in downtown Asheville.

Check it:

We’ll dance to music from Wick-It the Instigator, who will be playing live upstairs. We’ll have Zombie Prom photos available by local photographer, Bill Rhodes. Food and spirits will be available at the venue, and we’ll have a killer raffle including $100 worth of tattoo services, art prints supplied by local artists/galleries, limited edition Ashtoberfest shirts and stickers, and much more!

Cover is only $5, and all proceeds go to ensure that we have a Zombie Walk in Asheville this year!  The event is 21+, starts directly after the May 12th convention events at 10pm, and will go to the wee hours of the night, so leave the kids at home, designate a driver, throw on that dusty old prom dress complete with rips, tears, and bloody handprints, and party into the night with the Asheville zombies!

Need directions to the venue? We’ve got you covered:

Still have questions? Leave us a comment, or email us.

About Jackie Bagwell

Jackie is an artist, a crafter, a web-dweller, and a robot. She is one of the head organizers of Ashtoberfest, and is involved in many online communities. You can connect with her on Google+

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  1. Not to be rude but I am pissed that you have to be 21 to go. You would have gotten so much more money if you would have said teens and up my friends ages start at 14 and we were really excited but then we saw the age requirement.

    • Yeah, to be honest, we tried to push for at least 18+, but it was the venue’s choice, and when you’re doing a late-night fundraiser, your venue options are limited. Sorry.

    • Also, as an additional follow-up – we’re looking into planning an all ages event some time this summer. We have not made any specific plans for this just yet, but please check back either here, our facebook page, or twitter page. If we do manage to throw another event later this summer, we’ll certainly make announcements.

      We also will have a kickstarter page started to fund the Zombie Walk, which has always been a free, all-ages event that we have always funded, ourselves.

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