Zombie Prom: The Undeadening

As you all know by now, last night was our unbelievably fun Zombie Prom fundraiser. If you missed it, or it’s a bit of a blur, or just want to see some pics of yourself, we’re here to give you a recap.

We saw some pretty incredible makeup:

Did a whole lot of dancing:

Had a few beers:

And just generally had a great time:

We even had the Ghostbusters there and – no joke – when the Ghostbusters theme came on the completely random playlist, they knew just what to do:


All in all, we had a blast with everyone last night.  We has some fantastic prizes for the raffle, and owe a very big thanks to our sponsors: Chapeaux by Simone, Charlotte Street Computers, Asheville Brewing Company, Jason Liquori, Orbit DVD, Pastimes, the POP Project, One Fifty One, Diamond Thieves, Game Xcape, and Zapow.

A VERY special thank you to our hosting venue, the One-Stop, who provided a great atmosphere and some of the absolute friendliest service we have ever seen. A special thank you to Stuff Monsters Like, who really helped us pull this off. And of course a huge thank you to GeekOut, who made us their afterparty.

All of the photos you see here were made possible by the very talented Michael TraceySee the entire Zombie Prom 2012 set HERE.


Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank you, all of our zombie-loving supporters! Without you guys, we’d be nothing. We want to continue bringing you the fun, scary, gory, entertaining, and FREE Zombie Walk that we’ve been bringing you since 2006.  Stay tuned for more Zombie Walk news as well as more fun Zombie events!

AAARRRRGGGGHHHH BRRRAAAAAIIINNNNS (that’s zombie for ‘we love you’)  from Ashtoberfest: the Asheville Zombies:


About Jackie Bagwell

Jackie is an artist, a crafter, a web-dweller, and a robot. She is one of the head organizers of Ashtoberfest, and is involved in many online communities. You can connect with her on Google+

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  1. Throw another closer to Hallowee. I guarantee I’ve got fifteen people who would join. Would hate to see the walk canceled. If you needed help, your neighbors in Haywood county are in!!

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